Ph.D. student in astrophysics. Interested in active galaxies. Spend time discovering advances in astronomy, popular science, travel, and new technology.
The Sunset as seen from the Arabian sea coast in Mangaluru, Karnataka.

When we think of beaches in India, Goa is the first thing that comes to mind isn't it? Of course, the beaches in Goa are beautiful, the crowd makes it look international and quite happening indeed!

But, keep in mind that the Arabin sea coast is pretty long and further…

The view from the ward of the hospital I was staying in Haldwani. Our institute in Nainital is located somewhere in the hills on the left. I used to stand here quite often and have a look at the view outside. It served as a welcome distraction from the day-to-day activities in the hospital ward.

After avoiding the SARS-CoV-2 for a year at least, I tested positive for COVID 19 on 16th April 2021. My infection was most probably picked up during the travel I undertook in the week previous to that. The experience was really a shaky one with 5 days of stay in…

View of the Zero point, Khaliya top in Munsyari. On a clear day, the entire Panchachuli range is visible in close proximity. Image source: Author

Being nested in the hill city of Nainital, the Himalayas have never ceased to fascinate us. As a group of research fellows, we all share a similar fascination and have never missed a chance to trek into the inner Himalayas whenever time permits us. …

A random street signboard in Kochi. Notice the “God’s own country” at the bottom.

Kerala fascinates everyone in this country. I doubt if there is any part of this country that deserves the attention that Kerala gets on the tourist maps, rightfully so. Be it the beautiful beaches, lush green hills, or the backwaters, the state although small in size makes a huge impression…

Vivek Kumar Jha

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